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Show Before The Show #35!

For Whom The Bell TOLES!?!

I hate it when great friends move away, but I love it when they set goals and go forth to rock them into reality. My bearded, cosmic brethren, John Tole, is moving away and taking his funny with him. He's been a frequent guest on the Show Before The Show, and I hope that he keeps in touch. Not that kind... I have a court order to make sure that doesn't happen. Listen in as we (Nicole Raney, Todd Jeffries and I) bust ballz and recap my time with Tole on SBTS #35. Listen. Love. Share. Not necessarily in that order.

Video proof that we exist as 1's and 0's.


Herein this gallery exists photographic proof of the bromance between John Tole and myself. Enjoy.

My Time With Tole

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Two bro's who love to talk.

If you've scrolled down this far, you must want MORE Tole! So here is with Austin's own G.O.A.T. from a past SXSW.


Did you miss my SBTS #34? Hear all about the American Outlaws in Brazil, Facebook conducting psychological experiments on you, AND more!

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