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I Verbally Wrassle WWE Superstar Bo Dallas!

WWE Monday Night RAW Returns To The Frank Erwin Center.

Bo Dallas is a wrestler in the WWE. I am a DJ who grew up glued to the TV to see what would happen next in the world of wrestling. If you need to check my street creds, just know I went to the same church as the Killer Bees. I’ve also constructed devices out of my shoe laces and Sharpie’s to lower down to wrestlers at events to procure autographs from the likes of The Genius, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, and more. If that doesn’t qualify me as a professional on the matter, I don’t know what would.

Back to Bo Dallas. His catch phrase is BOLIEVE. See what he did there? He started his stint in the WWE undefeated going 17-0, but he’s since lost. Of course I accidentally rubbed that in, found out about the WWE Divas, life of a career wrestler, ran by some B-DOE wrasslin catch phrases, and so much more. See how things shake out for Bo Dallas on WWE Monday Night RAW Monday, August 4th, at The Frank Erwin Center.

Here’s some Bo Dallas highlights.


And hey man, can’t let ya go without some DIVA’S, man!

You’re welcome! Have a blast at WWE Monday Night RAW, Austin!

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