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Humpday Celebration Caught Live In The Wild!

See What A Listener Saw And Rejoice That You're Half Way To Fridaylujah!

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I love when you get motivated or inspired by something you hear on my show, then go out and create something unique that goes along with what you hear. Por ejemplo, Doug loves celebrating the Humpday, the halfway point to Fridaylujah, and he saw something that exemplified the feeling, so he put it on film.

Thanks to Doug (@TrappedWarrior) for capturing this incredible Humpday moment live in the wild, and sharing it with all of us to see. So enjoy this my fellow Rowdy Rockers, and know Fridaylujah will be here before you know it!


A listener (@TrappedWarrior) captured this Humpday moment live in the wild. HUMPDAY: when you realize you're halfway to #FRIDAYLUJAH.
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