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He Calls Himself "Killer" And He's A Rowdy Rocker 4 Life!

'Killer Dance' Finally Recorded For All To See!

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Let me start by saying I LOVE getting a chance to meet all you wacky Rowdy Rockers in person when I’m out in Austin. You muther effers never cease to amaze me, and I’ve always said the day you do, is the day I quit this business. If you wanna get out and see us, always check the KLBJ FM calendar to see where we’ll be!

Let me introduce you to my friend, he calls himself ‘Killer’. I’ll let him explain the nickname if you ever have the pleasure of running in to him. Killer has been a KLBJ FM fan for as long as I’ve been here (11 years) and beyond. He knows all the stories of our history, has been to all the parties, and is still going strong and reppin KLBJ FM. If you ever drive by a house and see it wrapped with KLBJ FM swag and banners, that’s his house.

I finally had an opportunity to capture the elusive Killer Dance, which he will do for you anytime, anywhere. Here he is, and here it is, for all your viewing pleasure. Enjoy Rowdy Rockers, not many have seen this rare display of Rock & Roll dedication.


Need More Dance Moves?

See how Rooskies do it, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE!

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