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The Great Pole Debate!

Who Owns The Pole? Man vs. Woman.


Let me start off by saying the human body is an amazing thing and the way we can utilize it is sometimes unbelievable. Let me back that up by saying, who doesn’t love a good pole dance off?!? When it comes down to skill, showmanship, and creativity, which one of these videos takes home the crown for ‘Best Pole Performer”? The winner will be mailed a golden trophy and a check for 2 milleon dollhairs. (will not actually be awarded trophy or check). Who works the pole better?

Is it Ava Madison, an athletic and artistic lady who goes after the pole like a delicate lilly wading in a serene pond?

Or is it this dude who attacks that pole like it held his family hostage and the only way to save them is to blow that poles mind.  How close he comes to inverse impaling is truly astonishing. When will the Indian Pole Championship come to Austin? That’s what I need to know.


You make the call. Both videos make something move in me… but just like the Highlander, only one can survive.

Who Rules The Pole?
We Need To See Austin Videos In A Pole-Off Bracket Style To Decide!
Total votes: 3



Bottom line is I’d break my neck and make a fail video attempting either routine. You can send your best pole success/fails to BDOE@klbjfm.com Looking at YOU Brass Ovaries!!!

Next Week I'll Update You On The Russian Twerking Craze! Till Then, Enjoy This!

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