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First Annual Texas Shred-Off

Sat 10/21 at The Mohawk

Photo: B-DOE

16 'shredders' from Texas will convene at The Mohawk this Saturday at 9pm to see who will rule supreme at the First Annual Texas Shred-Off! It's kinda like the Highlander, but with guitarists, and hopefully no one loses their head. There's a good chunk of casssh up for grabs, so expect the competition to be brutal and balls to the wall. Proceeds from the epic Shred-Off will benefit Fusebox and The Museum of Human Achievement.


To judge such an epic battle of skill, a circle of high powered enchanters was gathered to overlord the competition. It's up to Kyle Shutt (The Sword), Laurie Gallardo (KUTX), Rusty Cooley (Day of Reckoning), Chuck Loesch (NO CONTROL Radio), and Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers) to determine which 'shredder' will rule them all. Get your tickets to see the mayhem at The Mohawk this Saturday!
Think Lizzy and Big Balls TX will be rockin the inside stage as well this Saturday, so there will be sweet tuneage everywhere at The Mohawk.

DON'T miss the First Annual Texas Shred-Off this Saturday (10/21) and see which guitarist can claim rights as the guitarist who rulez them all! Get yer tix, NOW!

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Have you ever been Art'ed? Chiggity Chuck Loesch and many other Rowdy Rockers have been the muse to Art Randle, Austin's candid-scene artist. He's a true Austin treasure! You can see my Art'ed gallery by clicking HERE. And get hard with Chuck on NO CONTROL Radio Saturday nights at midnight on 93.7 KLBJ FM!

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