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Brown Distributing Gives Back to Honor Flight Austin

Help Give A Veteran the Trip of a Lifetime

Photo: (KLBJ) 93.7 KLBJ / B-DOE

Honor Flight Austin is a heroic nonprofit that flies Veterans to see the memorials of the wars in which they fought. They want every Veteran from the Greatest Generation to have a chance to visit D.C. Sometimes this is the first time the Veteran has ever flown. Honor Flight Austin also recently did flights for Veterans of the Vietnam and Korean Wars. You can help locally by donating money or your time. All the flights have send off and welcome home opportunities at the airport. This summer, Brown Distributing is giving back to HFA in a BIG way!


If you're 21+up, through July this summer, every Budweiser you buy from a draft to a case, Brown Distributing will give back a portion of proceeds to Honor Flight Austin. Brown Distributing will end up helping send dozens of Veterans on their 'Trip of a Lifetime'. For decades BDC has been helping support the local community, and each year donates over 1 MILLION dollars to various nonprofits. So, this summer when you're stocking up for Great Times, grab some Buds and help give back to an amazing nonprofit for Veterans. Alan Bergeron, from Honor Flight Austin, And Agnes Fuccello, from Brown Distributing, stopped by Local Insights to tell you all about helping to support our Veteran community. Spread the word, and enjoy responsibly!

If you want to volunteer or find out more about Honor Flight Austin, click HERE.

If you're 21+up, every Budweiser you buy (draft, can, case, sweet camouflage aluminum), Brown Distributing will donate a portion of the proceeds to Honor Flight Austin! Cheers, and enjoy responsibly!

Look for these sweet displays when you're out and about and Grab Some Buds to benefit Honor Flight Austin!

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Always enjoy responsibly and keep an extra eye out for work zones this summer! Hear how you can help keep Austin's streets safe by clicking HERE.

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