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B-DOE's Birthmonth Bash

Nomad 1/28 6-8pm

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It's true... I'm old as dirt. Feel free to replace dirt with any word you find more appropriate. Let's celebrate my oldness at Nomad on 1/28 from 6-8pm. Were you born in the month of January? Congratulations, you share a Birthmonth with yer Brother B-DOE. I bet you feel more special already.


Be at the Nomad (1/28) for some great times with your fellow Rowdy Rockers whilst celebrating... ME! Well, and you if you also were ever born... I'll be hangin from 6-8, then stick around for an Australian Cattle God Records Showcase (Militant Babies, Abracadabracus, Flyin' Lion) at 10pm. I'll see you there! In the meantime, check out some pictures of the great times I have with you delinquents.

B-DOE's Great Times

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The Runs
When I'm not rocking ballz on the airwaves, I love hanging with 'The Runs' and dominating in Bernie's Beer League.

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