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Austin Film Society Grant Program


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Do you have a fever and the only cure is filmmaking? Then you should learn more about the Austin Film Society. Richard Linklater (you might've heard of this guy) founded the AFS back in 1985 to help empower and support people from the community who wanted to work in creative media. Every year the nonprofit offers grants to filmmakers to help take them to the next level. Since 1996, the AFS grant program has helped with goods and services for almost 500 film and video projects. If you are a Texas resident, have a dream of making your first or fifth film, short or feature length, there are different grants you might be eligible for, so sign up by June 4th to be considered TODAY!


Erica Deiparine Sugars, Director of Programs at Austin Film Society, stopped by Local Insights to talk the film scene, the AFS grant program, summer camps, Austin Film Studios, screenings, and so much more. Pass this along to any burgeoning film makers you know!

The deadline is June 4th to be considered for a grant from AFS, so submit TODAY!
Austin Film Society Grant Program

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