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Art is an Austin Artist

Have you ever been a muse for this candid-scene-artist legend?

Photo: (KLBJ) 93.7 KLBJ / B-DOE

His name is Art and he creates his namesake with a ball point pen. This Rowdy Rocker describes himself as an 'informal artist' of over 50 years who was born into a family of artists. For over a decade in Austin, Texas, Art has captured moments in time of people enjoying themselves at many different local hangouts. You might be cheersing a good friend when all of a sudden a talented gentleman slips you a piece of art that you quickly realize is YOU!


I was having a beer with a bud a while back and that same thing happened to me. This was the first time I actually was face to face with Art. I had heard about him a million times from friends in the bar industry, and had seen photos of the art he'd created, but never had I been in front of the man after becoming an 'Art Piece'. There's no set schedule on where Art will be, but if you listen closely you'll know where you might find him. Here's the audio of a B-DOE with a few beers in him and an Austin Artistic Legend. Cheers, Art!

Do you have a photo of you and some friends that were Art'ed? Post them on Fbook/KLBJ937 and I'll add them to this gallery!

Art's Art Gallery

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B-DOE & Eddie Bomber
I had NO idea Art was documenting our drinking experience. Too cool! I think he left out a couple muscles on purpose... no need to show off.


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