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Are You A Fireworks "Professional"?

these people are not

YouTube: IcrazyTV

This 4th of July, try your hardest NOT to end up on a viral FAIL video. Do you consider yourself a firework professional after a few drinky drinks? Well... you're not. And dudes, what's the deal with sticking fireworks down your pants? What do you think is going to happen? You know what? Doesn't matter, keep doin what you're doin. Otherwise I won't be able to post a blog about this in 2018. Seriously though, leave the real fireworks to the real professionals.


You can enjoy the H-E-B Austin Symphony 39th Annual July 4th Concert and Fireworks for FREE on July 4th down on Vic Mathias Shores. The real fireworks professionals will be lighting it up at 9:30pm. KXAN has a cool rundown compiled for all the 4th of July festivities going on around Austin. If you're new to Austin, or you wanna check out a cool list of spots to watch the fireworks, Rebecca L. Bennett ( made a list of sweet views for you to check out. Bottom line is... enjoy responsibly this 4th of July weekend and leave the fireworks to the professionals. And if you do decide to ramp up the dumbassery make sure someone hits record.  

How creative do you get with your 4th of July celebration? Send me your best Rowdy Rocker party shots to


Instead of ending up on a FAIL video, if you live in Austin, try and end up as one of Art's art pieces. Have you ever been Art'ed? Hear all about this talented artist that's been documenting Rowdy Rockers at bars in Austin for decades, by clicking HERE.

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