Loris Lowe

Local Licks

Tuesday | 11p-12m

Loris Lowe is a long time KLBJ DJ and host of Local Licks, playing the best of Austin rock 'n roll and inviting different artists to co-host and perform on-air




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Tune in Tuesday, October 24, at 11:00 p.m. as I welcome Jeff Plankenhorn to the KLBJ studio! He's hosting "Dr. Plankenstein's Halloween Horror Party" this Saturday at One 2 One Bar with a ton of guests, including Emily Bell, Nakia, Jon Dee Graham, Alex Ruiz of Del Castillo,...
Easy Cap were in the studio. From their new self-titled album, we played "Whose Life Did I Rob?" "Open Up Your Eyes," and "Polka Dot Gourmet." The Mooks - "Better Life" The Mystery Achievement - "Stones On" Matthew Logan Vasquez - "Old Ways" Cotton Mather - "Better Than a Hit"...
Tune in Tuesday, October 17, at 11:00 p.m., as I welcome the Austin band Easy Cap to the KLBJ studios. Formerly known as The Continuums, Easy Cap have a new self-titled record about to be released. Listen in for the new tracks on Local Licks!
Taylor Wilkins of Otis the Destroyer was in the studio. From the new album Keep Bashing , we played "Goldfame," "Hot Milk," and "Hand Me Nothing." I Am the Albatross - "Ladder of Rivers" The Followthrough - "This Is War" Dayeater - "Mind Over Yourself" Coffee Sergeants - "Sally...
Tune in Tuesday, October 10, at 11:00 p.m.,, as I welcome Otis the Destroyer to the KLBJ studio for Local Licks. They just released an album called Keep Bashing , and you'll have a chance to win a free copy of it!
Sally Allen - "Refugee" Gary Clark Jr. - "Come Together" The Black Angels - "Hunt Me Down" Broken Teeth - "4 on the Floor" Black Pistol Fire - "Lost Cause" Otis the Destroyer - "Van Rosita" Stonekracker - "In Spite of You" Butcherwhite - "Ugly Season" The Cuckoos - "New Sunrise...