Loris Lowe

Local Licks

Tuesday | 11p-12m

Loris Lowe is a long time KLBJ DJ and host of Local Licks, playing the best of Austin rock 'n roll and inviting different artists to co-host and perform on-air




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Dave Prewitt was in the studio, and we played some local bands that will be playing DaveFest this weekend: Agony Column - "Snakebite" Nathan's Stupid Drama - "Falling Down" The Boleys - "Learning" We also played Eric Tessmer - "See You Tonight" Scorpion Child - "My Woman in...
Tune in Tuesday, January 10, as I welcome Dave Prewitt to the KLBJ studio to talk about DaveFest , a 2-day event coming up Friday and Saturday at Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze. Dave has 15 bands booked for this fundraiser for DaveTV
There were so many to love. Here are the ones off the top of my head in no particular order. Girling – girling Friends of Sims – Celebrating 20 Years of Listening The Continuums – HodgePodge White Denim – Stiff Duel – Fears of the Dead Skyline – Good Days Jeff Plankenhorn –...
Tune in Tuesday, December 20, at 11:00 pm, as I welcome Vallejo to the KLBJ studio. They have a new album out called Unified , which came out in both English and Spanish, and you'll have a chance to win a free copy of it! You might also get on the guest list for Aj & Alex's...
Ty Curtis was in the studio. He played "Shake It Up" and "Shame on Me" live. And we played the title track from his latest album, Blame Me. Ulrich Ellison and Tribe - "I'm Down" Fair City Fire - "Johnny" Latin at Heart - "I Can't Dance" Emily Gimble - "Last Train" Full Service...
Tune in Tuesday, December 13, at 11:00 p.m. as I welcome Ty Curtis to the KLBJ studio. He'll play a couple of songs acoustically, and you might just win a copy of his new album Blame Me.