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Alyssa is our January KLBJ Rock Girl! BIO I have been in Austin all my life. I am fun, tiny, cute and cuddly and Austin is my home. I love to work out, kayak, take my dogs to Zilker Park and I can make anyone laugh! I ROCK OFCOURSE and I love your station ;) PS: My dad jokingly...
follow @klbj937 Texas Tech students are known to be a rowdy group of fun-loving animals. With all the recent snow in Lubbock, a few of them decided to erect a giant snow penis to please the college gods. Unfortunately, the administration didn't find the student's creation to...
follow @klbj937 Every rock radio station that has ever existed has posted this incredible video so we decided to jump on the wagon. Watch as this drunken monster truck fan explains her love for the sport, romance and rabble rabble rabble rabble .
follow @dudleyandbob Carissa was upset after last week's episode so we gave her a makeover to make up for it! LAST WEEK'S DAILY MINUTE: THE NEW GIRL
follow @klbj937 There is a facisnating new trend amongst females: Vaginal Weight Lifting. Apparently it's great for your libido, health and can even save lives. Girl power!
follow @theCJMorgan While cleaning out some old files, I discovered one of my first on-air bits. It was my first week on air and I was attempting to have listeners call in with problems and I would give them terrible advice. Unfortunately, no one was calling so I decided to fake...
Follow @klbj937 More behind the scenes audio form the NFL! "All I know is this is the bad guy." "I think my face is happier fuzzy." "I like strong pickles, but not the funkhouse kind."
follow @klbj937 This video details a high speed cruise, in a quarter-million dollar car, that turned disastrous for two Hungarian men. With GoPro in-hand, they set out to take a drive along an Eastern European highway. They were tooling about in a Lamborghini Huracan ($237,250)...
Dale was up all night long partying and preparing for a great show! We had several bits, guests and where even treated to some magic from Daniel and Justin Willman ( who is at Cap City this weekend ). Danielism: "You can't hear anything over the sound of water." -Meet Eufrat Mai...