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The body of broadcast legend Casey Kasem still hasn't been buried. The drama has been played out over the last few months culminating with a very public fight between family members. Question: if the body still isn’t in the ground (or ocean, or pyre), is it too soon to laugh?...
What if Neil Peart was your church’s drummer? This guy is no Peart but he definitely steals the show.
Prepare to have your ears and nose BLOWN OUT! A new genre of metal is taking the scene by storm! It’s called Flatulencecore, Sludge Gas or more commonly: Fart Metal. Here is the first known music video of its kind:
University College Dublin’s annual Iron Stomach competition is not for the faint of heart. The event pits students against each other in a variety of drinking and eating challenges. Competitors must dine on a range of items from fishy tampons to even fishier cod oil. One...
After a few coin flips and debate, we have narrowed down our search to three finalists. Who do you think should be our October Rock Girl? Voice your opinion so we know more about these lovely ladies on our Facebook Page . Each month’s winner receives: • $100 in cash • A pair of...
The Austin City Limits Music Festival has officially announced their lineup. Naturally, I am excited about seeing a few acts while there are others I will work to avoid. If you are really excited or dreading someone, let me know! Tier 1: 
Must see no matter what St. Vincent,...
Who knew Daniel Gallo was so autistic artistic? Today he wrote his name using Calligraphy and the gang was astounded with his magnificent rendering. After some discussion about the art form, we decided to see how well YOU can Calligraphy for a pair of Three Day ACL Fest...
Sometimes people have to choose what’s right over their careers. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Alaskan News Reporter Charlo Greene. KTVA’s Greene quit on live television after revealing she was the founder of the AK Cannabis Club – and did so in an impressive...
Have you been to the depths and the Internet and back in search of porn you haven’t seen? Well, thanks to science your search is over! Pull down your pants, relax and observe what happens inside the body everyday through an MRI.