Big Plans for Metallica in 2014
Posted 1/17/2014 3:14:00 PM

Thrash metal icons Metallica are taking 2014 by the horns (pun intended). First, the California-born quartet will take the stage at the 2014 Grammys on January 26th, playing their Grammy-winning song "One" with Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang. 

"It's going to be completely insane," guitarist Kirk Hammett said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Lang Lang has interjected himself into the song in a way I don't think anyone else has ever done in the course of our career."

Hammett also explained that Lang Lang will be "weaving in and out" of the song's guitar solos, but assured hardcore fans that the song will still be as heavy as ever. "We're keeping all the heavy parts," said Hammett. "And it's going to be really cool and really dynamic." 

And then later that week, Metallica will be releasing their concert film Metallica: Through the Never on Blu-Ray, 3-D Blu-Ray, DVD and digital release. 

And, if that's not enough for you, Hammett told Billboard recently that the band is planning to start working on their next album, the follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic, within the next couple of weeks. 

"We've pretty much come up with every sort of excuse we can not to start work on the album, but we've run out of excuses, so we pretty much have to start work on it now," said Hammett.

Fans shouldn't expect a quick release, however. Drummer Lars Ulrich told U.K. mag Kerrang! that he doesn't see the album being released until at least next year . "We're going to make another record, but like I said before, we don't really feel this kind of…what's the word? I guess 'responsibility' is probably the right word. We don't feel this inherent responsibility to just churn out records whenever people want them," said Ulrich. 

"I would say 2015–that's where my money is," said Ulrich. "So if you think of the actual age of this planet, if it's been 75 billion years since dinosaurs walked the Earth or whatever, then one year is basically a blink of an eye, right?"

One year, plus the five since 2008. But who's counting?

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