Last Day to Vote!
Posted 2/6/2014 2:00:00 PM

The Austin Chronicle music poll is open.

Let's cut to the chase. We want you to vote for us.

There are a bunch of different categories, including Musician of the Year, Best Singer-Songwriter, even Best Record Store. Past winners include Gary Clark, Jr., Spoon, White Denim, and Austin staples like Stevie Ray Vaughan and 13th Floor Elevators. But future winners could include us.

You read that right. There are categories that even us poor, lowly KLBJ deejays can fit in to

You can vote two ways: online or by filling out the poll ballot in a copy of the Chronicle and mailing it in. The deadline is January 31rst, so get voting. The winners will be announced during SXSW at the Austin Music Awards.

There are reasons why we get to call ourselves the Rock of Austin. 1) We rock. And 2) We've got people like the Dudley and Bob Show and B-Doe on our team. And it's time that they get a little love.

As CJ put it, "We do have over 40 years of experience rocking Austin, a real morning show (as in real talk, no songs as filler) and a lot of great talent (from promotions, to engineering, to on air etc); so it's still worth taking two minutes to vote for us."

Just in case you missed it above, the link to the music poll is right here.

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