Check Ya Later! Dazed and Confused Cast Reunites for 20th Anniversary
Posted 3/7/2013 5:27:00 PM


It's hard to think of two words that inspired more fear in middle schoolers everywhere than the aforementioned phrase. And as Dazed and Confused fans flocked to the Marchesa Theater last night to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary, they were some of the most popular words in the room. Even a video clip of Parker Posey (who couldn't attend) testified to that iconic proclamation. "I get asked to yell it all the time! AIR RAID, BITCHES!" she exclaimed, as one unknowing audience member fumbled awkwardly.

And while the theme of high school hazing was rampant throughout the event, with staff dressed in "AFS Seniors" shirts and wielding paddles, there was nothing but love in the room for this Texas cult classic and the director who made it possible. Cast members in appearance included Joey Lauren Adams, Nicky Katt, Anthony Rapp, Wiley Wiggins, Marissa Ribisi, and more, all of whom showered much praise on the man behind the camera, honored Austin director Richard Linklater. 

"This film would never get made today," proclaimed Linklater, who also detailed the haphazard process behind the film's casting, which included pizza parties, and lots of making out. Castmember Michelle Burke Thomas (Jody) exclaimed "I'm pretty sure Richard just had me make out with all the guys auditioning, to make sure I was right for the role." Also in attendence? The film's ill-timed keg delivery guy, who when asked what he'd been up to in the ensuing 20 years said "Oh, I've been drinking that keg the whole time. I never left."

Aside from Posey, also notably absent were actors Sasha Jenson (Don Dawson), Matthew McConaughey (David Wooderson), and Adam Goldberg (Mike Newhouse), all of whom also contributed video clips to entertain audiences.

But what really matters is that the clerk from The Centennial was on hand. Now remember, folks. Eat a green thing, everyday.

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