Election Update: Obama Gets by with a little help from his friends?
Posted 6/26/2012 4:16:00 PM

You know how everyone needs that one gay friend to give you some perspective? Well, President Obama is no exception. Watch him seek a helping hand from his own gay friend who he consults to get perspective on a new gay initiative. 


If The New York Times and The Washington Post election apps keep you updated with the latest election news but don't make the cut to keep you laughing, have no fear, there's a remedy up in here.  Comedy Central has the witty humor we all know and love and have applied it to the Presidential election via app form. 

Available to iOS users, the free Comedy Central app is an extension of the Indecision election coverage. Some funny features include an interactive "Peanut Gallery," which paves the way for its sarcastic followers to to comment in real-time news shows, debates and live events. The app also includes live commentary from Indecision bloggers and special guests.

Of course, the app had to shine a light on image sharing which it accomplishes to do through the "Snap Shots" feature. Through this segment, users can interact by sharing images through social media or email. 

Mary Phillips-Sandy, the editorial producer of Comedy Central’s Indecision, said the app “brings political humor to consumers with smart, witty commentary about the candidates, pundits and the political process itself.”

While the Indecision app is not  compatible with the new iPad, it is in the process of retina optimization. So don't worry, iPad snobs, you'll have an "in" soon enough. 

And, just in case you were wondering, this is the reason Mitt Romney doesn't drink. Let's just say he'd rather shun his back on the truth. 

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