Vintage Trouble ROCKS!
Posted 2/6/2014 1:03:00 PM

Did you know the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is going away? Did you know that Jay had the band Vintage Trouble on his show FOUR times this year?!? That is quite an endorsement of a band if you ask me. Last night they were on the show with Sandra Bullock (who looked AMAZINGLY HOTTT!), and rocked 'Strike The Light' on the second to last EVER Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Not to brag, but I was the first DJ in Texas, maybe the Southwest, to play this band on the radio! (SOOOOO BRAGGING) And guess who heard it on air and is now a big fan of VT? Joey Kramer, drummer of Aerosmith, that's who! I can NOT wait for this band to return to Austin. Until then, enjoy their performance on one of Jay Leno's last nights to do his show, and listen to the interview I did with them HERE. See more music videos of VT HERE. If you love Vintage Trouble, you're called a Trouble Maker... sounds a lot like Rowdy Rocker if you ask me, so get out there and rock with them next time they're in town!

Wanna hear Joey Kramer on my Show Before The Show podcast again? Well you're in luck! Details coming soon!!!

Posted By: B-DOE  
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