Show Before The Show Ep. 28 - My BDAY!
Posted 2/8/2014 12:01:00 PM

It's my Birth Day and I'll podcast if I want to! Join me as I encourage you to support me, spread the word about me, praise me, and respect my authoritah, on the 28th episode of my Show Before The Show. I'd say this one was a real whizbang, but I just don't think that'd do it justice. My good friends Newsman Todd Jeffries, Promotions/Music Guru John Laird, Comedian John Tole, Radio/Weiner/SNSman CJ Morgan, WantsToBeARadioman Andrew, all swing by to shoot the breeze and celebrate my BDAY, and the return of the SBTS. We discuss everything from my BDAY Texas Paintball recap, to lizard people, to saying no to "Memes", to why we like music, and so much more! Also, my buddy Andrew's dream is to be in radio, hear him crash and burn on his first podcast appearance! And he edited this episode! Listen. Love. Share.

This is the "meme" that my buddy Doug made.

I will post a Texas Painbtall update when I return next week!

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