Texas Stars Rock! Win Tickets During 2 Fer 2 All Week!
Posted 1/22/2014 1:17:00 PM

I love the action at a Texas Stars game! They have another great team this year, so every game is exciting and fast paced. Listen during the 2pm hour all this week during the 2 fer 2 to score tickets to the Cedar Park Center to cheer on the Texas Stars this Friday night!

The last time I saw a game we won 5-0, and during the first intermission I was part of the Human Bowling entertainment. The things I do for the craft. I should've known something was up when I had to don this protective equipment before taking the ice.

It was a good thing some Rowdy Rocker's found me before I got suited up and bought me my favorite, BUDWEISER! Thanks Ronald and Denise. And thanks to all the Rowdy Rockers in attendance. I'll let you know when another $9.37 ticket night goes down.

Believe it or not, my Human Bowling experience was organically recorded by a few different rockers in the building. Thanks to Aaron for catching a couple Vine's of the action. You can see my intro HERE, and the slide down the ice, HERE. I'd say they're worth 12 seconds of your attention. You can see another sweet video a Rowdy Rocker took of me as a Human Cannonball on Facebook, HERE. Thanks Ronald and Aaron for capturing my inaneness on ice! And if you noticed, I knocked down 4 outta 5, tying for 1st place. Thank you very much. It looks like I'm excited to be flung across the ice... right?

 And this... I'll get em all next time! Go Texas Stars!

If you'd like to see me almost vomit after "trying out" to be a Texas Stars goalie back in 2011, then you'll enjoy this video.

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