Jon Gruden Interested In Coaching At Texas?
Posted 12/18/2013 1:18:00 PM

Hell yea! My buddy Alex Dunlap reported on OrangeBloods Jon Gruden would be open in talking with the University of Texas about its coaching vacancy. Alex received this info from a "high level" source on the inside. All my sources on the street actually are high, so I take his word on things of this nature seriously.

How sweet would this be to hire the man they call Chucky?!? Gruden is called Chucky because of his likeness to the star of the movie, Chucky. He gets grief for his on air persona doing commentary for the NFL on TV, but when it comes to the actual sport of football, this guy eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes football 24 hours a day. And if you've never seen his Gruden's QB Camp series where he interviews QB's on game plans, the game, and plays, he has an amazing ability to speak the language of football, and communicate in a way that demands respect from those he's working with. He would be a home run smash on the campus in Austin.

Yo! People with money and power at the University of Texas, please reach out and have a conversation with Gruden about coaching the Horns. The TV thing must be wearing thin for Gruden, and TV is NOT the University of Texas. I bet this guy is itching for a challenge! O, and stacks and stacks of cash aint never hurt nobody either.

Who is Jon Gruden... Well, he was once the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, and he loves Bon Jovi. What else do you need? Will we hook'em with Chucky next year? It's now or never, Jon. I aint gunna live forever.

Thanks to Adam Wolf for the photoshop of Chucky in Burnt Orange on the fly!

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