Matt Bearden Headlines Cap City Comedy Club This Weekend!
Posted 11/29/2013 1:22:00 PM

You know, Matt Bearden! You hear him every morning when you wake up with the Dudley and Bob show, now it's time to hear him at night! Matt's headlining the Cap City Comedy Club Nov 29-30, with 2 shows each night. What an amazing way to chuckle off some calories after stuffing your fat face on Thanksgiving. Comedian Mac Blake opens the shows and you can purchase your tickets HERE. Every Tuesday Matt hosts Punch comedy, but this weekend it's all about him. If you don't enjoy going out to witness clever and hilarious comedy, then please stay home. If you love to laugh and think just a little, then come on out and see some comedic geniousory. Yep, just made up a word. Speaking of laughing... guess who has a 75 sec Matt Bearden laugh track? Did I mention that it's a personal laugh track? It is. Matt Bearden laughing at only things I said that one time I was on the morning show. Don't be jealous, as I share it with you now. Go forth and support Mr. Bearden this weekend at Cap City!

How can you not support someone who has such an awesome sock selection? Yes, these are Matt's socks.

Posted By: B-DOE  
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