The Longhorns Survived West Virginia, And So Did I!
Posted 11/14/2013 1:36:00 PM

Never in a million years did I imagine having as much fun as I did in 48 hours in West Virginia. Thank you to all the great folks in Morgantown! Your reputation does NOT precede you. I heard all the stories of how hostile and unwelcoming the locals were to opposing teams in the past, and was pleasantly surprised to find a much different atmosphere at my first trip to Morgantown, West Virginia. This is definitely the furthest I've ever traveled to root on the Longhorns, and I highly recommend the trip to everyone in Austin the next time we play up there.

We rolled in to Morgantown Saturday afternoon and were told we had to check out the Morgantown Brewery Company. Yep, they have a micro-brewery right there on campus with a delicious menu of tasty grub. Our waitress Ashley suggested the homeade pulled pork and a specialty flatbread pizza, which we devoured. The meal was a perfect way to coat the tummy for the day long tailgate.

I have to take my hat, or coon skin cap, off to all the kind folks of Morgantown. The politeness and eagerness to "Welcome you to Morgantown" was everywhere around every corner. At one point I looked over to my buds and said, "This is a little creepy..." But it was genuine and welcoming, and I hope that Texas fans can extend the hospitality back to all the West Virginians that will come down for the game next year. We started our tailgate experience with the 'Texas Only' section, then made our way to the stadium after we saw the Texas players arrive.

What a football game?!? The first overtime game under Mack Brown and UT comes out with a win! It was wild the entire game up in Morgantown. Those West Virginia fans know how to cheer on their team. Everyone in the entire stadium stood the whole game, and they dress up in Old Gold and Blue depending on which section they sit in, which makes for an electric visual. Thanks to the UT band for keeping all the UT fans energized and unfazed by the bedlam happening around us in the stadium. I was high fivin strangers left and right, and basically getting buck wild with an entire section of rabid UT fans! And some major love to Johnathan Gray and Chris Whaley who sustained injuries during the game that will keep them out for the rest of the season. Y'all were having a helluva a year, and we'll miss you for the rest of it.

After the game we walked from the stadium to High Street. We got to see how the campus was interwoven throughout the town and as we walked in and out of student neighborhoods, there were catcalls from the houses, but of the friendly kind. "Great game" and "we'll get ya next time" could be heard every so often when we crossed paths of WV fans. Every once in a while a f bomb was in there, but it was always cordial. Again, after a full day of drinking I was amazed how cool the people of Morgantown were. We found a cool bar (can't for the life of me remember the name) and partied there till close. They had a pretty bad ass cover band 52.... something, and when John Denver 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' came over the sound system, the whole bar erupted into song, and pulled us right along with them like we were WV alums. Too cool. You can see video of that on my FACEBOOK page. And thanks to Brent for the coon skin hat!

When the bars closed, it was quite difficult to find a cab, so we just started walking. It was nice to get another view of the town, which just received its first snow fall of the year yesterday, but we were literally still MILES from our destination and decided to stop in a gas station to call a cab. The employee called the cab company and told us it would be an hour and a half wait. At 3am in the morning that was not the news we wanted to hear. Luckily, (again how cool are these people?) the guy behind offered to give us a ride. I know what you're thinking... we probably almost ended up like that scene from Deliverance... but Big Rich was legit, and we graciously accepted his offer. If you ever find yourself in Morgantown, please stop by PeppeBroni's and say what up to the coolest Pizza dude I know. Thanks again for probably saving our lives, Big Rich!

And of course a roadtrip wouldn't be complete without at least one extreme dbag. The winner of that distinguished honor goes to this guy... I couldn't tell if he was involved with the ROTC (which would be unfortunate on Veterans Day Weeknd), or a previous West Virginia team that was being honored during the TV timeouts, but this guy really took it upon himself to douche up the 'cool' reputation I was believing about Morgantown. I really, REALLY hope this guy wasn't on the staff, or an alumni, because his unsolicited actions towards the UT section were disturbing and embarrassing to witness. He started off by giving the horns down sign, which if you're a UT fan you've become accustomed to seeing those, but he took hand signs to a whole new level. Everything from constantly throwing the sign for a woman's private part, to making fun of the handicapped, to fingers, to even running his thumb across his throat in a cutting motion, this guy just wouldn't stop. He was finally talked to by a WV State Trooper, but was never asked to leave the field. I really wish I could have snapped a picture of him after we intercepted the ball in overtime, but he had tucked tail and exited the scene... hopefully with a single tear down his cheek. If you ever see behavior like this at a UT game, please alert someone to have it stopped. It truly was an embarrassing scene to witness. If anyone knows this dude... please tell him he's a dbag, and ask him how crow tastes. Thanks.

Other than that one unfortunate incident, which does NOT reflect on Morgantown in general, I would say the trip was an absolute success. I urge you to road trip yourself up there in two years, you'll thank me for it! And shout out to the entire Texas Longhorn band! Y'all rocked, kept the UT fans and players pumped in a hostile enviroment, and know how to party! If you want to see video of the fight song, I posted it on FACEBOOK. HOOK'EM!

Hear me call and thank Big Rich from PeppeBroni's... HERE!

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