I Need You To Know About Vintage Trouble!
Posted 10/17/2013 1:17:00 PM

Hands down Vintage Trouble was one of my favorite 2013 ACL Music Fest experiences. Well, technically my hands were up the majority of the show. Many comparisons from soul, blues, funk, and rock and roll come to mind when you witness this band live, but they are a musical monster all unto their own.  Vintage Trouble is energetic, enigmatic, youthful with a mature rock and roll demeanor, and one helluva good time.

I had finished my Saturday on air recaps for the day and was wondering what kind of trouble to get myself in to when my friend Sebastian stopped by and said, "Hey, I'm going to see Vintage Trouble. Ever heard of em?" I hadn't, had nothing planned, always have fun when I hang with Sebastian, so I said, "Let's roll"! And by let's roll, we slammed another drink in the media area then headed straight up to the front of the Austin Ventures stage. What I experienced next reminds me of why I love music, and love doing what I do. Vintage Trouble took the stage, and they never gave it back. The show eventually outgrew the stage and the lead singer ended up dancing and submerging himself in the packed Saturday late afternoon crowd. I nudged my buddy and pointed to this blow up doll you see in the video during Pelvic Pusher'. It was a perfect representation of how I was feeling Saturday afternoon. You must see this band next time they come through town. It truly was one of those musical experiences I won't soon forget, and look forward to seeing them in a club atmosphere as well! O, and he brought up Carolyn Wonderland to rock for a bit. Freaking awesome! Again, thank you Vintage Trouble, and thank you music. Whoa! Vintage Trouble will be at Stubb's Nov 8th. See ya there!

If you missed them rock Lettermen, here it is.

And here is their official video for 'Pelvic Pusher'. Yea, the one the blow up doll and thousand of others was jammin to.


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