Want To Party Like An Animal At ACL Fest? Rock With ME At 1:20!
Posted 10/10/2013 12:52:00 PM

I finally feel normal today. Good thing weekend 2 of the Austin City Limits Music Festival starts tomorrow. Rock! Want my last pair of sold out 3 day passes? Well, you'll have to know something about this post at 1:20 when I tell you to call in. Here is a quick recap of my experience last weekend.

Be prepared! That would be my best advice for the weekend. Check the forecast, and load up accordingly. Don't be afraid of any type of weather you might encounter, just be ready for it. This nice lady is just outside of Chuy's on your way in and has everything you might need! Tell her B-DOE said what up!

Although there is quite a clear list of things that are prohibited in the festival, people still seem to sneak things in. Be forewarned, if I see you with contraband I will immediatley confiscate it... with my gullet. Notice how this nice lady has a full shot set up on her chest. Bravo.

Also, I love running in to roaming Rowdy Rockers at the festival. I'm always up for a high five, shot, beer, or all of the above! So if you see me say WHAT UP?!?

It also seemed to be a trend this year to wear your own camel pack. I'm sure these dude bro's had theirs filled with water. Uh huh. But you can refill water packs at the park. I love how ACL does NOT sell plastic bottles. I wish all festivals would follow suit.

The landscape at ACL Fest is filled with flags. Some are meant to designate destinations, some just have awesome sayings on them. Some Kendrick Lamar references might have been my favorite, but this one right here is my #1, top dog, best flag I saw. 

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