Happy Humpday! Here's When To Listen To Win From KLBJ!
Posted 9/11/2013 1:29:00 PM

Congrats! You're half way there to your weekend. Feels good, dont it?!? Here is an inside look on when to listen to win from your pals at KLBJ. I share, because I care. Also, the Longhorns are back at home against Ole Miss this weekend. It looks to be a tough game, so make sure you tailgate with your fellow Rowdy Rockers downtown across from the Bob Bullock building at 4pm. Details HERE.

Wake up with Dudley and Bob and win tickets to rock with Blondie. And have you heard what's going on over at the Dudley and Bob Sideshow? Check out DudleyAndBobLand.com to hear all the action from the 9am hour!

Cj Morgan has movie passes for Closed Circuit, and Rush. Plus, he'll probably be tanking someone's credit rating with one of his reverse prank calls, so tune in to see if it's yours.

Rock with me during 2pm and I'll reward you with $25 gift certificates to Little Woodrow's if you know all the bands I play for my 2 fer 2.

LA Lloyd has Win Them Before You Can Buy Them tickets for the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Rock in to the night with Autumn, and movie passes to The Getaway might be yours!

May the Humpday be with you!!!! Follow ME on TWITTER!

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