Want A Song Stuck In Your Head?
Posted 7/31/2013 1:06:00 PM

Did you know about the Daniel Song Contest on the Dudley and Bob Morning Show? I like to share my pleasure, and my pain with my fellow Rowdy Rockers. Here is an example of a song that was submitted. This entry can't win because an intern submitted it, but it's a good bar to judge your own attempt. Huge money, I'm talking 2 GRAND for 1st plus studio time, is up for grabs so get to writing and recording your song. Rules and information can be found HERE, as well as a cache of Daniel sound clips if you choose to use them in your song. Don't have too long an intro, the guys hate long intros, be creative, and win some cash and prizes! Thanks to funny man Adam Wolf (see his set from 2013 FPIA) for making this AWESOME album cover for the hit song 'Dale, Dale, Dale, and Daniel'. I hope it stays in your head... just repeating itself over and over and over and over and over... just like it is in mine.

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Posted By: B-DOE  
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