Happy Humpday! Here's Some Hints On When To Listen To WIN!
Posted 7/24/2013 1:18:00 PM

You are officially now half way there to your weekend! Pessimists will say you're only half way done with the work week... screw them. Check out all the goodies KLBJ has left for you this week! I even let you know what time to listen. You're welcome. Thanks to these elephants for getting the party started. Send in a humpday pic if it fits the theme to BDOE@klbjfm.com

Wake up with Dudley and Bob and get hooked up with tickets to FRONT ROW seats to Black Sabbath, Adam Ant at The Belmont, Texas Heatwave, and Black Crowes! Have you got turned on to the Dudley and Bob Sideshow yet? If not, check out DudleyAndBobLand.com to hear what the guys are up to during the 9am hour. Unedited!

CJ Morgan has gift cards to Twin Peaks, and tickets to Whiskey of the World Expo, so drink up, I mean listen!

During my 2 fer 2 I have tickets to ZOSO, the ultimate Led Zeppelin experience at The Belmont July 31st!

Listen at 4:20 to win your way in to our 40th Anniversary concert Saturday, July 27 with Andrew WK and Black Sabbath at the Frank Erwin Center. Plus, you'll score pre party passes and MEET AND GREET! Then, during the 12 Pack of Rock Happy Hour (5pm), LA Lloyd gets you in to Mayhem Fest! Nice! 

Posted By: B-DOE  
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