Hey Austin, Welcome To Swamp Crotch Season!
Posted 6/26/2013 1:05:00 PM

Well, it's finally here. With temperatures forecast in the triple digits for the rest of the week, it is now official, swamp crotch season has hit Austin, Texas. It seems the last few years Austin reaches a temperature of discomfort and heat, then it just hangs out like that for a few months. I love this state, but I do get annoyed when it's still in the high 90's 100's after 9pm. So, what do you do to beat the heat? Here are a few of your responses ranked in the order I deem significant. You can make your own opinion heard on my Facebook page HERE.

10. Stay at home in the AC. This is lame, but sometimes I get it and that's all you want is to be in an ice cube igloo.  

9. Lake Travis. I'd have this ranked higher if there was actually water in the lake. Parts of Lake Travis look barren.

8. Plan on how to take over the world. Flashback to Pinky and the Brain.

7. Happy Hours. Anywhere with booze works, but one with a swamp fan is always appreciated. Nomad Bar.

6. If you're in a band, go on tour.

5. Barton Springs. An amazing and chilling afternoon, but you can't drink beer.

4. Alamo Drafthouse. Why not use someone elses AC and see a great flic at the same time? And they have beer.

3. Hamilton Pool. Love this place, and there's trees! If you didn't know, trees provide shade, and shade is paramount to beat the heat.  

2. "One Word - Budweiser" Brad Peterson. Thanks Brad from Facebook, I couldn't of said it better myself. Always being stocked with your favorite adult beverage cools even the hottest of Austin days.

1. Naked. This was the most popular response from the ladies. Thank you, ladies. Apparently there's a naked bike ride you missed out on, but the overall consensus was just being naked would do the trick to cool off just right. Again, thank you ladies.

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