Happy Humpday! Rock With KLBJ And Score Some Goodies!
Posted 6/26/2013 1:04:00 PM

Congrats! You're half way there to your weekend! To celebrate, why not accept these rewards for listening... If you have a great humpday pic, send it to BDOE@klbjfm.com and follow me on TWITTER or the kitty gets it.

The Rest of the week Dudley and Bob have Odd Ball Comedy Festival tickets, plus your chance to see Steve Vai! Have you become addicted to the Dudley and Bob Sideshow yet? Do so at DudleyAndBobLand.com. The first 30 days are free to hear the unedited 9am hour!

Like Twin Peaks? CJ Morgan has 25$ Twin Peak gift cards to wet your whistle and put a smile on your face.

Who would win in a fight between giant creatures from the sea and giant robots driven by humans? Score advance screening passes to Pacific Rim with my 2 fer 2 during the 2pm hour to find out!

LA Loyd has you laughin at 4:20 with Odd Ball Comedy Festival tix, and rockin commercial free during your drive home with the Happy Hour 12 pack of rock!

Who told you Superman isn't wearing any underwear in the new movie? Autumn did. Win passes to see the new flick while she rocks you to midnight.

Posted By: B-DOE  
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