Did You See ME On SpikeTV?
Posted 3/5/2013 1:04:00 PM

Bar Rescue returned to Austin with The Brixton episode premiere last Sunday night. Did you see someone you knew? Did you see yourself? The only real question is, did you see ME?!? Look for me in a Rolling Stones shirt on the "stress test" night, and again during the "re-launch". Also, the Bar Rescue crew filmed me interviewing Tim in the KLBJ FM studio about some issues he has with posting pics from his bar to Social Network Sites. It was an interesting shoot, and the production crew was a ton of fun. And no, I do not have any makeup on in my "scene", I'm just that pretty. Go check out The Brixton and look for the rerun this Sunday Mar. 10 at 8pm.

Tim, the one everyone is calling an ahole on the internets will be joining me for a Show Before The Show this week, so check back on Wednesday when the new podcast is posted!

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