Yo! I Now Rock You 1-4pm On The Weekdays.
Posted 2/19/2013 2:37:00 PM

It's true, I've moved! I now will rock your face and other unmentionables weekdays 1-4pm. Write it on the bathroom wall, tell your neighbors, tell your kids, your friendly neighborhood B-DOE now entertains and tickles your special spot 1-4pm. Hear ye, hear ye, the hours from 1-4pm weekdays shall now be ruled by the Rowdy Rocker Nation. I am making this proclamtion, so let it be proclaimed, Rowdy Rockers rule 1-4pm! And here is some deets on the other DJ's doin it for you at the rock of Austin!

6-10am Dudley and Bob

10-1pm CJ Morgan

1-4pm B-DOE

4-8pm LA Lloyd

8-mid Autumn Boukadakis

Posted By: B-DOE  
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