Posted 9/30/2013 1:24:00 PM

'Breaking Bad' creator Vince  Gilligan to launch new drama 'Battle Creek' on CBS

Gilligan teams with  'House' creator David Shore, who will be show-runner on cop series set in  Michigan town.

‘Breaking Bad’ Vince Gilligan (l., with actor Bryan Cranston) fresh off the  series’ Emmy win for outstanding drama, inked a deal for a new series, ‘Battle  Creek,’ on CBS.

After testing many of the outer boundaries of cable television with  "Breaking Bad," creator Vince  Gilligan will make one of his next stops at the broadcast network CBS.

Gilligan and David Shore, who created "House," will produce the cop series  "Battle Creek" for CBS, which projects the show for the 2014-2015 season.

Shore will be the showrunner and Gilligan will produce the series, which is  described as being about two detectives "from different worlds" who join forces  to help clean up the down-and-out town of Battle Creek, Mich.

Battle Creek, ironically, was a television Mecca for many baby boom children,  who knew it as the home of Kellogg's cereals from countless thousands of 1950s  commercials.

Gilligan originally developed "Battle Creek" more than a decade ago. CBS  first turned it into a script in 2002.

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