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My lifelong dream Is to be a Burlesque Girl.  Why?  Well,  I am a "good girl" (as Robin Thicke would say), but I always thought it would be fun to have an alter-ego that forces you out of your comfort zone.  And I wanna wear the slutty outfits.  Mark my words, I WILL do this someday.  Hopefully sooner than later because I'm getting older, and that's just an uphill battle altogether.

The Suicide Girls are going to be in Austin, and THIS, my friends, is a burlesque troupe!  It's so wrong in all the right places, and these ladies are SMOKIN!  See you there?

CJ Morgan has your tickets this week...tune in to the Wizard at NOON for your chance to win!

SUICIDEGIRLS: Blackheart Burlesque

EMO's - November 3rd

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