I'm back!
Posted 8/15/2013 1:54:00 PM

Hey guys!

I've been on a little sabbatical to escape the heat in Austin and also to pursue a little side passion in Architecture.  I attended a summer exploratory session in San Diego at NewSchool Architecture + Design, and it was AMAZING.  Some people go relax on their time off, I chose to LEARN!  It was cool.  very very cool...

You can see all the videos and footage of my adventures on FERRIS.  It's a new app that is taking the world by storm, so get your username name while it still exists!   Follow me there and see clips of all my daily musings.  It's free and my name is AUTUMNBOUK.

Make sure to say hi so that i can follow you, too!  It's badass!  I love this app...I am slightly addicted.


I love you, Autumn

Posted By: Autumn  
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