Rocking The Festival? Make Sure To Visit The ACL Cares Area!
Posted 10/2/2013 1:59:00 PM

Nonprofits at a music festival? Yes! Visit the ACL Cares area at this years Austin City Limits Music Festival, and meet some great nonprofits from Austin. Take a break from the music, catch your breath, and spend 20 minutes cruising through ACL Cares. You can find it by turing right once you enter the festival on the Barton Springs entrance. Here are a few of the amazing nonprofits that will be hanging out both weekends of the festival. Just click on the description to hear the interview!

The Nature Conservancy's goal is to protect nature, and protect life. I can get behind both of those things. This goes hand in hand with The Austin City Limits desire to limit the environmental impact the festival has on its habitat, and improving the greenery of the city throughout the year.

Did you know you could save someone's life by donating your bone marrow? People all over the world are in desperate need of bone marrow transplants, but have a hard time finding the perfect match. You're basically searching the world for someone that is almost you. Not an easy feat. LOVE HOPE STRENGTH has found over 750 bone marrow matches, and has registered tens of thousands of people in to their transplant database. Take 5 minutes from your festival schedule to stop by and get swabbed. I am!  27 matches have been found at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, you could be the 28th!

The city of Austin is unique for many reasons. We might just be the only city in the world that has nonprofit organizations to help benefit the physical and mental health of local musicians. The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians helps provide affordable physical health care to working musicians in the Austin area. The Sims Foundation is there for the mental health side of life for music professionals. Both organizations work in tandem to proactively keep one of the lifeblood's of the community healthy.

Anthropos Arts helps low income youth of Austin find guidance, direction, and self-esteem through music. For over 15 years Anthropos Arts has been a cornerstone to youth face challenging life situations. The success stories are overwhelming, and Anthropos Arts just expanded to a new practice facility. Hear how you can help this awesome and rockin nonprofit.

I'll see you out there! And please, in between all your partying, go visit my awesome friends at the ACL Cares area.

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