The KLBJ Guide to ACL Fest Picks
Posted 10/3/2013 5:30:00 AM

Lionel Richie = Lionel Richie

Okay, this one is a little obvious, but we wanted to start off easy. Somewhere between his 1982 self-titled debut popping out one number one single and two top fives, and successfully winning five Grammys, Lionel Richie became the poster boy for a Motown-rock mix. As for his live performances, Richie's shows are known to focus just as much on the entertainment value as the actual music. As his popularity grew, his concerts became more elaborate, incorporating a variety of special effects and musicians, who play different instruments to enhance the performances. If you're into Richie's live style, then there's one act at ACL 2013 you need to check out.

Yes, that's right. Not only is he already recording new, original music for an album he plans to release within the next year, but Lionel Richie will also grace the Samsung Galaxy stage during both weekends of the festival. The shows are bound to be thousand-person sing-a-longs, so make sure to grab a good spot for the 8:30 p.m. Sunday shows on Oct. 6 and Oct. 13.

Dire Straits = Dawes

Dire Straits is best known for its iconic blues rock, such as the hit singles "Money for Nothing" and "Sultans of Swing." The British rockers struck a great balance between their sometimes somber songs and energetic shows, which led them to win four Grammys, including one in 1986 for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group. Traveling in the same musical vein, ACL two-weekenders Dawes will be taking over the Samsung Galaxy stage on both Sundays.

Dawes has an Americana sound that is a call-back to Dire Straits with a 2013 twist. Lead vocalist Taylor Goldsmith said that Stories Don't End, Dawes' third album that dropped earlier this year, pushed their music out of their comfort zone while still staying true to who they are as musicians. The honesty that is portrayed throughout the album transcends to their live shows, so if this seems to fit your style, don't miss out on Dawes' performances at this year's festival.

Queen = Muse

Queen is known for its diverse yet signature anthemic sound, mixing pop, psychedelic rock and a myriad of other genres. The English rockers thrive on audience participation and a high-energy stage presence, which made their theatrical live performance style a lasting model for following bands. If you're a fan of Queen's sound and show, check out fellow Brits, Muse, at ACL 2013.

Muse has become a house name in the States. The trio's experimental rock has climbed the charts and earned them numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Rock Album. Much like their British predecessors, Muse's live show includes pyrotechnics, special effects and a contagious energy. Its aggressive rock encourages the audience to call back the lyrics to popular singles such as "Panic Station" and "Madness." If you're around the Samsung Galaxy stage on either Friday at 8:30 p.m. during ACL, this is one show you will not want to miss.

Janis Joplin = Neko Case

Janis Joplin's famous, powerful voice and honest lyrics have persevered through the test of time. Her live shows electrified audiences and kept them wanting more. The Texas vocalist quickly became a force in the industry, and she paved the way for many future female musicians to follow.

And Neko Case is one of those women. Case's solid voice and live-show power are reminiscent of Joplin. She belts her ballads with a calm demeanor, allowing her to showcase the full range of her talents. Neko Case is at the forefront of indie-rock, and an act you certainly will not want to miss. Catch her on the Austin Ventures stage at 7:30 p.m. on both Sundays during ACL.

The Clash = Parquet Courts

As far as British punk goes -- or really punk rock in general -- it's hard to top The Clash. The fiery, bass-heavy songs and politicized lyrics are the epitome of punk, and the live shows followed suit; the crowd thrashing along to the music with pumping fists and mosh pits. If this is your scene, though you may feel out of place during some of ACL 2013, one place you can call home is in the crowd for Parquet Courts.

Parquet Courts' underground sound is like a melodic call-back to The Clash, and their live performances unfold in a similar way. The energetic punk fuels the Brooklyn quartet's stage presence and invites the audience to bounce along. Stop by the Bud Light stage at 11:30 p.m. on either Saturday during the festival to check out what Parquet Courts has in store.

Neil Young = Okkervil River

Neil Young's folk rock sound is classic. His extended guitar solos and overall laid-back style make for a mellow show with bursts of intensity. If you're into the Canadian singer-songwriter's groove, check out Okkervil River during ACL 2013.

The Austin natives, Okkervil River, add their own energetic flare to the typical folk-rock sound. The six of them pack the stage and keep the band's presence upbeat throughout their performances. They're sure to play some new tracks from The Silver Gymnasium, Okkervil River's seventh album that dropped in early September, at ACL, so head over to the Honda stage on either Friday at 5 p.m. to see what this local sextet is all about.

Jerry Lee Lewis = Jake Bugg

Whether you only know "Great Balls of Fire" from that one scene in Top Gun, or you're an actually an avid fan, it's clear to see that Jerry Lee Lewis had quite a bit of influence on the '50s rock and roll scene. His piano-centered rockabilly anthems such as "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" landed him in both the Rock and Roll and Rockabilly hall of fames. Lewis emanated an infectious energy during his live show, leaving the crowd with no choice but to dance along. If this sounds like your kind of show, check out Jake Bugg at ACL 2013.

Alhough Jake Bugg is only 19 years old, the English folk rocker's music is already bringing in accolades; his self-titled debut album reached number one on the UK Albums Chart when it was released in 2012. To coincide, Bugg's blues-infused folk encourages the audience to bob along at his concerts. The young singer-songwriter is on the fast track to making a name for himself, so this is one show you won't want to miss. Bugg is playing the Austin Ventures stage at 5 p.m. on both Fridays during ACL, so be sure to stop by.

Jefferson Airplane = Lissie

Jefferson Airplane's psychedelic rock made quite a statement in the '60s. The melodic music paired with powerful lyrics led Jefferson Airplane to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and engrossed listeners in the growing counterculture. The San Francisco sextet rocked the stage during their live performances, playing notable festivals such as Woodstock and Monterey. If the psychedelic sound is what you're looking for at ACL 2013, stop by one of Lissie's performances.

With a new album dropping in October of this year, Lissie is definitely an act to keep your eye on. The Illinois native's music is a melodic blend of folk and rock, with a hint of a psychedelic sound like Jefferson Airplane's. On stage, Lissie belts her tunes with a heartfelt honesty and passion that gives her performances an extra power; you can check this out for yourself at the Austin Ventures stage at 4:30 p.m. on both Saturdays during ACL.

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