LL Playlsit 10/22/13
Posted 10/23/2013 2:36:00 AM

Distant Light were in the studio.  They played "Suffocating" live.  And from their new album 'Not Thinking, Not Dreaming,' we played "Science of it All" and "Defiled."

Scorpion Child - "Red Blood (The River Flows)"

Alpha Rev - "Lexington"

The Reynold's Number - "Prophet"

Del Castillo - "Let's Blow the Roof Off"

The Couch - "Oh, Libby"

Three33 - "Overkill"

Carolyn Wonderland - "Victory of Flying"

Warren Hood Band - "Alright"

Carson Brock - "Get What You Need"

Thanks for listening.


Posted By: Loris  
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