LL Playlist, 3/12/13
Posted 3/13/2013 12:23:00 AM

Cody Jasper was in the studio--he played "Rosemary" live.  We also played "Cherry Pie," "Black Cadillac," and "Evil Woman."

Black Pistol Fire - "Stripes or Keys"

Big Sugar - "Better Get Used To It"

Dexter Freebish - "Save the Last Dance"

The Rocketboys - "Walking on Fire"

The Meat Puppets - "Down"

Danny Malone - "Spiderlegs"

Tony Scalzo - "Regretfully"

Steve Syx and Syxgun - "Lazy"

Black Earth - "Face Down in the Gutter"

Jimmie Vaughan - "Out of the Shadows"

Lou Ann Barton - "Don't Slander Me"

Gurf Morlix - "A Series of Closin' Doors"

Happy SXSW.  Thanks for listening.



Posted By: Loris  
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