LL Playlist 1/22/13
Posted 1/23/2013 2:23:00 AM

Michael Kingcaid from What Made Milwaukee Famous was in the studio.  He played "Down" and "Gone and Done It Now" live.

We also played "Demons and Monkeys (And You & Me.  And Me & Me,) "Just Run," and "Rosewood."

O Conqueror - "Masquerade"

Soulhat - "Psychological Bone"

The Malford Milligan Band - "Lickin' Stick"

Eleven Fingered Charlie - "Poverty Dub"

Three33 - "Overkill"

The Continuums - "Watch Yourself"

Vitera - "Todo Mi Vida"

Cize - "Her Eyes"

Meganuat - "Head Strong"

Thanks for Listening.

Rest in Peace, Eddie Flores.


Posted By: Loris  
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