LL Playlist, 12/4/12
Posted 12/5/2012 12:13:00 AM

The Couch were in the studio.  They played "Ain't Getting Married" and "Hole in the Sea" live. 

We also played "Kick the Can," "Oh, Libby," and "Otis and His Talking Rocks."

Stanley Man - "I Take Off"

The Beat Dolls - "Listen and Learn"

Hell's Belles - "Problem Child"

Soak - Braille

Soulhat - "Big Nose"

Nakia - "Choose Your Poison"

Chesterfield -= "Dirty Mouth"

Chronolung - "Breakdown"

The Bluebonnets - "Can't Stop the Honey"

Thel Coffee Sergeants - "Sally White"

Suite 709 - "I Like It"

Thanks for listening!



Posted By: Loris  
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