LL Playlist, 9/11/12
Posted 9/12/2012 1:32:00 AM

The Sideshow Tragedy were in the studio for Local Licks.  They played "Gasoline" and "A.M. in Chicago" live.  We also played "Something to Do," "Vasseline," and "I'm Gonna Be Your Man."

Black Owl Society - "See My Jumper on the Line"

Amplified Heat - "Dirty Love, No Romance"

Kevin McKinney - "Kissing in Afghanistan"

Joe King Carrasco - "Pacha Mama"

Johnny Goudie - "Bad Man"

The Mother Truckers - "S.O.B." and "Break-up Sex"

Ironclad - "The Picker"

Adrian and the Sickness - "Criminal"

Three 33 - "Fly"

Dixie Witch - "Set the Speed"

David Ducharme-Jones - "Long Way to Fall"

Thanks for listening!


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