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Posted 9/5/2012 3:45:00 AM

Several artists from the Rolling Stones Hoot Night were in to play live..

These Mad Dogs of Glory - "Far Away Eyes"

These Mad Dogs of Glory - "Appalachian Funk #1" and "Appalachian Funk #2"

Tameca Jones - "Beast of Burden"

English Teeth - "Invasion"

English Teeth - "When the Whip Comes Down"

Smoke and Feathers - "Ride"

Fastball - "Love is Expensive and Free"

Wild Seeds - "I'm Sorry, I Can't Rock You All Night Long"

Podunk - "Dashboard Mary"

Vallejo - "Waiting on You"

Another Addiction - "Jake the Mistake"

Adrian and the Sickness - "Dog Days"

Vitera - "La Vibora"

Don Harvey - "Whirl"

Thanks for listening.



Posted By: Loris  
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