We are set and ready to go down at the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse on Wednesday, June 24th from 8pm to 10pm.  Think you have what it takes to win it all?  Or perhaps just at least rally up something somewhat serviceable?  Then definitely enter!

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Every month we are looking for a fun-loving, hard rocking lady to represent the Rock of Austin as the Rock Girl! Submit your picture(s), tell us a little about yourself and why YOU should be the face of KLBJ.


Three finalists will eventually be selected and

For the best running, cycling, and triathlon events in Central Texas check out prizes from !

By Joining any of our Teams, you’re eligible to win several prizes including:

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HAVE WE HAD SEX? Don’t worry, the screenings have consistently come back clean. I just need you to rate our time together.


Last week I read a Vice article about Emily Reynolds, a young lady who decided to survey all of her partners. I thought this would be

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