Jenny Johnson Was In The Studio... Next To Mine!
Posted 2/8/2013 3:41:00 PM

If you don't know the name Jenny Johnson, then you must like to make out with your relatives. If you're on twitter and not following Jenny Johnson, then you must think the internets is really a place to have meaningful and deep conversations. She is a bastion of truth and honest social commentary in a world where people cover their real self’s in sugar coated candy goodness. Today she was one studio away and sleeping with the enemy. I missed her at the station, but I did visit with her seat. Over the years I have sent her awkward photos she inspired over Twitter. I haven't received an order to stay 'x' amount of feet away yet, so I decided to write her a poem for all the good she does... and a photo shoot with her chair. (please note I am NOT wafting the chair, a fly was buzzing by) Married people can write each other poems, right?

HIGH FIVE to Jenny Johnson! Follow her on TWITTER.


Jenny  Johnson

An ode to the lady who rules the twittesphere with sharpened truth

If @’d you’re exposed, wordless and aloof

Her words percolate on both twitter and print

She’ll tweet when they’re posted so take the hint

When it comes to writers, wifes, assholes, and owners of 2 dogs, she rules them all

She bitch slapped TEAM BREEZY and busted Armstrongs ball

With The blood sweat and tears you give to internet fodder

You damn well deserve a deal with Vitamin Water

Jenny J is the best at giving it, let’s hope she can take it all the same

When she finally poops her pants at a Houston Texans game.


Posted By: B-DOE  
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