Does Austin Have Better Booty Than Brazil?
Posted 12/12/2012 3:15:00 PM

Does anyone in Austin have the buns to take on the best of Brazil? If you hadn't heard the 2012 Bum Bum Contest just wrapped up and Carine Felizardo bested 500 of her countrywomen to be named Ms. Bum Bum Brazil 2012. Standing ovation gentlemen. Not only is she 25 and a model, but now she's in the middle of a "scandal" because she was photographed making out topless on the beach with the runner up. You heard me. Scandal? Sounds like appropriate celebration for someone who just won Bum Bum 2012 if you ask me. Regardless, do YOU have what it would take to defeat Brazil's champ? What if we brought Bum Bum to Austin? I know everyone says Austin doesn't need another festival, but hear me out. What if we combined all that is good already about Austin festivals and just added Bum Bum like a cherry on a tasty sundae? Start with bands, we could use all the acts that don't get in to ACL and SXSW. Then, add some local food trailers that serve the food on extreme kites and disc golf discs. We all know racing is the new rage, so we have turtle races like Little Woodrows and people can get behind their favorite. And speaking of behinds, the Bum Bum contest will cap off the fest. Austin would bring together the best buns in the world from their prospective countries battling for the coveted title of best buns in the world. Whattya think? I'm just throwin it out there. Do you hear me C3? 

Posted By: B-DOE  
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