SOAK Reunion Tonight At Red Eyed Fly!
Posted 12/7/2012 3:43:00 PM

You might remember SOAK from around clubs in Austin, as seen on MTV, or rocking any festival that was around in the 90's. Miss this band? I do. Miss SOAK no longer tonight at the Red Eyed Fly! They've invited some friends to open up the show AND it's FREE! You heard me. Having this much rock in your face for free should be illegal, but until they're on to us, we should party.   More INFO on Red Eyed Fly...

If your mind needs a rockin refresher, here ya go! See ya tonight at the Red Eyed Fly!

9   - Darkness;Ending

10 - Three33

11 - SOAK

Posted By: B-DOE  
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