The Election's Over, Right?
Posted 11/9/2012 3:30:00 PM

Dear Internets,

I never thought I'd feel this way, or have the nerve to say this, but this feeling just won't go away and I have to say this.

Please bring back the photos of your kids, the one's I never want to meet in real life, but love to hear about in print next to an adorable picture of your little one doing whatever it was that they were doing for the first time. Bring back the pictures of all the meals you've cooked for yourself. I am so proud you can provide sustenance for yourself and enjoy taking pleasure with your success as you've prepared another stellar meal. Please bring back your constant updates on any adventures you're on, or vices that you've quit or started. Please bring back the pictures of the sun in the sky, just to reiterate how awesome the weather is wherever you might be that particular day. I miss the good ol' days of Social Network Sites when I could just stare at your cute puppy dog, your new car, your freshly mown yard, your new bathing suit, please get back to posting new bathing suit pics. What happened to the funny restaurant sign with the letters all changed around, the pictures of where you are watching the concert from, the pictures of people doing weird things around you while you're watching a concert? Also, I really can't survive without knowing what song you are listening to this exact moment. What song are you listening to? Post it, won't you? Please internets give me back my mindless, passive aggressive, harmless SNS trolling and just stop with EVERYTHING else. Please?

P.S. If you see or read something on the internets that completely offends you, or you deem it to be reprehensible to society, you do NOT have to tell all your friends about it, repost it, comment on it, or let it affect your day to day life. The defriend/block options were put there for a reason...



Posted By: B-DOE  
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