If You LOVE Guns N' Roses You Might NOT Want To Watch This...
Posted 10/24/2012 4:30:00 PM

Well, you've been warned. This past weekend Guns N' Roses performed acoustically at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit. A lot of big names were there including Austin's own Gary Clark Jr. What happened to Axl Rose and the sound of GnR? I don't know if any of the other remaining members would want to rejoin this band nowadays. Is it just me, or does Axl's voice sound like a bunch of seagulls stuck on a tilt-a-whirl? I'm not a hater, but what the hell is going on? In all fairness to Mr. Rose, it has been said that he was sick, maybe even severe throatbrochiolblahblahitis. This isn't this best of videos, but I'm sure this will be taken down before too long so watch it while you can. Look for Axl to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday night (Oct 25th). I wonder if Kimmel will bring this up.

And for some reason the pain just won't stop!!!! Did you ever think you'd say "That Neil Young is a much better singer than that other guy". What the hell???

Posted By: B-DOE  
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